5 Layer EVOH CPE Film

5 Layer EVOH CPE Film

120 Micron Lamination Heat Sealable Treatment Inside Ultra Barrier Transparent Film and Metallized Film.

Application :
Suitable for Lamination with BOPP, PET, PE.


Excellent antiblocking properties

Excellent barrier properties

Excellent transparency

Suitable for use in contact with Foodstuffs

Technical Specification

Properties Unit Test Method Tolerance Value
Thickness Micron 3BF STD ± 5 % 120.00
Grammage gm/sq.mtr 109.20
Yield sq.mtr/kg 9.16
Treatment level Dyne/cm ASTM D 2578 Min. 38
Treatment Side - - Inside

Properties Unit Test Method Tolerance Value
Tensile Strength MD kg/sq.cm ASTM D 882 ± 100 400
TD 300
Elongation MD % 650
TD 750
COF F/M - ASTM D 1894 - < 0.35
F/F < 0.25

Properties Unit Test Method Tolerance Value
MVTR (@38°C, 90% Rh) gm/m2/day ASTM F 1249 - 13 ≤ 5.0
OTR (@23°C, 0% Rh) ml/m2/day ASTM F 3985 - 05 ≤ 1.0

Properties Unit Test Method Tolerance Value
Transmittance % 3BF STD 90 - 95
Odour 3BF STD No odour
FDA & EC - Approved

MD - Machine Direction, TD - Transverse Direction, F/M - Untreated Surface of the Film to Metal & F/F - Untreated surface of the Film to Film.

The information above is believed to be accurate and represents the best information currently available to us. The specifications, properties and applications mentioned were based on standard laboratory testing procedures. Users of this film should make independent assessment of its suitability and applicability to their end use. 3B Films Limited does not offer any guarantee on the results and does not accept any liability arising out of the use of the information contained herein.